My First Stitch Fix: Review

My 1st Stitch Fix_ Review

I got my first Stitch Fix yesterday and I am in LOVE. But really, what’s not to love about a professional stylist picking out clothes for me based on what she knows I love and what she thinks will look great on me?! This is not a joke. It’s a REAL service called Stitch Fix. You fill out your Style Profile on their website and create a Pinterest Board filled with your favorite looks. Your personal Stylist then hand selects 5 items for you that suit your style, budget and lifestyle which are then delivered to your door.  Mind blown.

I specifically asked my Stylist to only send me tops and sweaters. I have plenty of pants for the rest of winter plus I’m trying to lose some of the baby weight that I’ve been holding onto. I also requested no jewelry, scarves or accessories since I’m a Stella & Dot Stylist and I already have a great accessories wardrobe.

In My Stitch Fix Box

Inside were my 5 items, a personal note from my Stylist and this awesome little style card detailing the items in my fix with  suggestions for styling them with other pieces from my existing wardrobe  I love how she included looks for Winter and Spring given that we are soon to be between seasons.

Stitch Fix #1

The first item included in my Stitch Fix box was this gorgeous Clarise Mixed Print Tank from Fun2Fun ($38). I love the loose yet flattering fit and I’m really excited about the pattern. I’ve been wanting a patterned top to wear with my Havana Pendant Necklace. I love how the white stones really pop over this fun purple pattern. I’m excited about wearing it with white capris or shorts this summer!

Fun2Fun Clarise Mixed Print Tank

I plan to wear it with my White House Black Market tan sweater and skinny jeans until warmer weather comes. I really love it with my gold Tieks but then again I love everything with my gold Tieks.

Fun2Fun Clarise Mixed Print Tank

Next was this awesome Pixley Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt ($54). I love everything about it – the fit, the pattern, the colors. I love how my Signature Engravable Disc falls perfectly with this neckline. I just can’t get over how well this top fits given that my Stylist has never met me. How amazing is that? Hands down my favorite piece in my fix.

Pixley Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt

The third item in my fix is this fun Pixley Messi Lattice Neckline Knit Top ($68). This top is pricey but I really love the fit and it takes me out of my comfort zone. I NEED someone to take me out of my boring Mom fashion comfort zone! It’s a bit edgy and such a flattering fit and I think it will be a favorite come summer.

PIxley Messi Lattice Neckline Knit Top

Next is this TCEC Meryl Tulip Print Sleeveless Blouse ($54). I love the preppy tulip pattern and I know I’m going to love accessorizing with some of the fun pinks and greens that are coming in the new Summer Collection. The fit is perfect with or without a sweater and I love the neckline. I love it with my Gabrielle Pearl Necklace worn short…

Pixley Meryl Tulip Print Sleeveless Blouse

 …or worn long. Such a feminine and flattering top. And the navy is perfect for me!

Pixley Meryl Tulip Print Sleeveless Blouse

The last piece in my fix was this fun TCEC Roxanna Chevron Open Knit Cardigan ($58). I love the pattern and the price as well as the fit. The only thing I don’t love is the tan color – I really wish it were white. It really doesn’t flatter my skin tone.

TCEC Roxanna Chevron Open Knit Cardigan

 What I kept (or sent back) from my Fix

Clarise Mixed Print Tank from Fun2Fun ($38) KEEP
Pixley Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt ($54) KEEP
Pixley Messi Lattice Neckline Knit Top ($68) KEEP
TCEC Meryl Tulip Print Sleeveless Blouse ($54) KEEP
TCEC Roxanna Chevron Open Knit Cardigan ($58) KEEP*

*I’m only keeping this piece because with the 25% discount for keeping all 5 items it ends up being cheaper to keep it than to send it back.

How Stitch Fix Works

It’s easy and fun! You fill out your Style Profile on the Stitch Fix website and give details about your style, shape, size, budget and lifestyle. They also suggest creating a Pinterest Board and filling it with pictures of pieces you love. Use it as a way to communicate with your Stylist beyond the Style Profile. I read that it really helps to give specific details of what you like and why you like it in the comments for each pin. I followed that advice for my first fix and I really think it is why I got such great pieces. That and my Stylist Diana ROCKS!

Once you have filled out your Style Profile and your Pinterest board you schedule when you’d like to receive your first fix. You pay a $20 styling fee which is then credited towards anything you choose to keep in your fix. They send you 5 pieces carefully selected for you and your style. You get to try them on from the comfort of your own home. Who doesn’t love that? I found it especially helpful to try them on with pieces from my wardrobe as suggested on the style card. Again, love instructions!

Simply keep what you love and send back anything you don’t. If you keep all 5 items you get a 25% discount off of your entire box! Shipping and returns are free and they make it super easy by including a bag and prepaid shipping label right in the box. Crazy awesome.

I am not the best shopper for clothes that flatter my body nor do I have the time to go out and comb through every store to find them. I have a husband and 3 young kids at home and a career that I love. Those are the parts of my life that I want to focus my attention on. I love that I can delegate the selection of my wardrobe to someone like Diana who rocks at it. She even picked pieces to coordinate with my jewelry! I am seriously excited about having found this awesome new relationship.

You can sign up for Stitch Fix using my referral link and then share yours with your friends and family. Love it!

xo, Karla