Pumpkin Patch

This past Saturday Andy had to work so I took the kids to check out Adventure Farm, a pumpkin patch right down the road from our house. Mimi and Grandpa happily tagged along.

Adventure Farm is actually a working farm, not just a pumpkin patch. The kids were really excited when they saw all of the animals! They had a little petting ring with goats and a 2 week old calf. Ellorie was determined to throw herself into the pen and ride the calf. Poor thing!

Isn’t he cute?!

The kids were really psyched to see the calf eat his lunch – from a bottle! So cute!

And of course, Ellorie had to get in on the action… This was SO funny, she was in Heaven!

The kids were all excited to climb on top of the hay bales but then realized how high up they were and opted for sitting instead. Such a beautiful view!

Ellorie was quite proud of her little pumpkin.

Maddie was obsessed with these little tiny yellow pumpkins, she found them everywhere.

Here is the one we ended up with, we made her carry it (totally kidding!) 🙂

Ellorie was more into picking pumpkin blooms than actual pumpkins.

We got to go on the coolest hay ride ever. The kids were excited to go see all of the big cows.

The driver took us all over the farm and explained how it was run and what they did there. Then he stopped us in a big field surrounded by cows, which he explained were all pregnant. Made sense, they were the biggest cows I had ever seen. He then poured a bag of feed (which he called “treats”) around the back of the wagon we were in. They came running, it was crazy! Straight up stampede!

There must have been 100 of them, it was wild! They were all so excited to be getting their “treats.” I have never been that close to that many cows before. I’m glad we were up in that wagon but it was a really cool experience. The kids thought it was awesome!

And this little guy is their first calf of the season. They discovered him while we were on our hayride. They explained that they check them all twice each day during calving season so this little guy was very new, maybe even hours old.

Here is his Mom, watching close by. Our guide explained that based on the way her udders looked he thought the cow had already nursed so that was a great sign. He said that she was just waiting for the little guy to start walking with her. How cool!

Maddie loved being so close to the cows. I somehow didn’t take a picture of Ellorie but Mimi and Grandpa had to keep her from throwing herself out of the wagon as well. She was pretty into the cows!

And of course, there was lots of hand holding to be had!

We had a blast at Adventure Farm!

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  1. Hi my name is Lacy Tinder. My husband is Carl Tinder. He is the guy that manages Adventure Farm and he was your hayride guide! I love your blog on our pumpkin patch. It is absolutely lovely. Carl has wanted to share the farm with the community for a long time and just wasn’t sure how. So the idea of a pumpkin patch came about last year. We are so glad you had a great time and and we hope to have more opportunities for the folks of Earlysville to come visit in the future.
    Lacy Tinder

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