Yard Progress & Crown

A big surprise to me, this happened yesterday…. I’m SO excited!

Pardon the trim across the walk way. Can you guess what’s happening in our house today??

Andy used an edging tool that he bought from Lowes to better define our mulch beds. Then he filled them up with fresh mulch.

Here is the before picture from a few months ago. We hadn’t mulched since we had planned to dig up the old plants and the grass had become overgrown through the liriope. Our mulch was half mud and half grass/weeds. Lovely huh?

I’m psyched because this means even less money that we’ll have to pay to a landscaper, woohoo! We still need plants and bushes but this is a huge improvement (eeeee!). A BIG thanks to the Hubs and his parents for all of their hard work yesterday. You guys rock!

And this is what I came home to today… eeee!

I can’t say that I had anything to do with this project other than successfully keeping the kids away from the power tools for the better part of the day. Although, the second we got home Ellorie was half way up the ladder (big surprise!). A HUGE thanks to the Hubs and his Mom for all of their hard work this morning. We are moving much closer to having this area finally finished! Life is good 🙂

Happy Friday!

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