In the works this weekend

We have been crazy people lately! School started, we went to the beach (yay!), we have had tons of things going on…. and absolutely none of them have involved doing any kind of work in our house. Now to be fair, we’ve at least cleaned it, done laundry, trash, etc. You know, all of those required things. But our to-do list has just been sitting there collecting dust.

That all changes this week! The hubs has agreed to put up crown moulding in the dining room and kitchen area on Friday while I keep the kids out of the house and away from the power tools. I can’t wait for this because as you can see, we were lazy smart and only painted the part of the wall that we knew wouldn’t have crown covering it. And it’s been sitting like this for.a.month. Not my favorite but it’s being fixed Friday. Can’t wait!

And we have big plans for the kitchen as well. The hubs is going to continue the crown over the cabinets through the kitchen. And my most favorite part, we’re going to finally have a finished wall instead of this ugly mess that we’ve been living with for almost 2 years. Ok, so it was actually a big open hole for over a year and it’s been looking like this for about 6 months (pardon the dishes in the sink… remember, we’ve been lazy!).

Our plan is to take off the huge laminate backsplash and replace it with shiny white subway tile. Like this:

I think it will really brighten up our kitchen after losing the window that used to be over our sink prior to the addition. We will also put a mirror over the breakfast table to reflect a little more light into the space.

Two shelves like these over at Young House Love are next on the list to go over the kitchen sink. Ours will be a bit smaller but you get the idea.

And we can’t forget our awesome light from Ballard. The one we bought last year that’s been sitting in it’s box in the closet since? Yea, that one. It’s going above the sink as well.

I can’t wait for all of this to be done! I’m so excited to be a bit closer to finally having a finished kitchen.

In addition to keeping the little ones away from power tools, I will be on the phone calling landscapers this week as we’ve finally¬†decided to just go ahead and let someone else take on that work. We had originally planned to do it all ourselves and I had this big plan to research everything that I wanted but we keep putting it off and putting it off and we really just need to get it over with. Here’s hoping we can find a good landscaper who doesn’t cost a fortune!

Have you got big plans for the weekend? Hope you have a good one!


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