In need of a new name….

>My blog is in desperate need of a new name and I’m so not the creative one these days. Here are a few ideas/options….. what do you think?

Original Name = My Baby Is Eating My Brain…
Cville Mommy
Charlottesville Chic (thanks Sarah!!)
KD Family Blog
Housewife Life (thanks Rob…..)
Maddie & Me (thanks Jen!)
Baby Brain (thanks Sarah!)
Baby on the Brain
Momnesia (something like that….?)
Some of these are taken on blogspot and of course they’re taken by people who haven’t blogged in over 5 years…..but I could always alter the address at little right?
Maddie is 5 months, 4 days old

1 thought on “In need of a new name….”

  1. >aw, I like them all! Maddie&Me is cute (and will grow with you when she's no longer a baby). I think Charlottesville Chic is my second favorite. 🙂

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