Dresser Sneak Peek

We needed a dresser for our master bedroom since I sold our other one and I really wanted something I could paint and make my own. This dresser had been sitting in my parents’ basement for  years because my 20-year-old self didn’t like it… I know, what was WRONG with me? It’s gorgeous! And free (woohoo!)… so here we are!

I sprayed Zinsser Bullseye Shellac all over it and inside since I wasn’t sure if it had ever been cleaned with Pledge or an old orange cleaner. Both can really ruin any kind of paint and the Shellac is an awesome trick that the girls at Studio Eleven taught me in class if you are in doubt.  It goes on really easily but make sure you open some windows, it stinks!

I let it dry and put it all back together because I forgot to take pictures of it in one piece. Gorgeous, huh? I love it!

My favorite part, the sassy little feet!

This detail is why my 20-year-old self didn’t like the dresser and why it sat unloved in the basement for so long. I had every intention of covering it up with wood filler before I took the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Class. It really is the perfect kind of detail to paint with chalk paint and I can’t wait to see how it turns out, especially after washing and waxing.

I actually really like the original hardware and I’m going to paint right over it per Annie’s Way.

I tried out two options before slapping paint on the dresser. Option 1 (left) is two coats of Duck Egg washed with French Linen and waxed with a little Old White mixed in. Option 2 (right) is two coats of French Linen washed with Duck Egg and waxed with a little Old White mixed in.

I love both and had a really hard time choosing. The Hubs and I discussed it and ended up going with Option 2 since we felt like Option 1 would have been better on a smaller piece of furniture. It’s beautiful but it would just be too much blue and would compete with our bed which we wanted to be the focal point of our bedroom. Plus, if we ever wanted to change our bedding there is a far greater chance of a gray dresser coordinating than a blue one.

I slapped on one coat of French Linen this afternoon while the girls slept. Here are the drawers…

It definitely needs a second coat but I’m loving it so far!

The details look so much better with Chalk Paint. Then again, doesn’t everything?

I’m hoping to have time for a second coat during nap tomorrow since I need daylight to paint well. So fun!

Did you paint anything this weekend?

3 thoughts on “Dresser Sneak Peek”

    1. Thanks Sarah! I’m sure you hve something you need to paint 🙂 Pick your color and I can get it at The Covesville Store and bring it when I come to visit. Im going to need to head back out there again soon. I can’t wait!!!

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