Front Door Sneak Peak & Progress

I am SO in love with our front door now that it’s all pretty and green. We Andy (I helped a little) removed the storm door and although it left some repair work to add to my list it really improved the look so much.
Here is a shot of before we removed the storm door:

And here is the AFTER removing the storm door! (Try to ignore the massive amounts of pollen covering our porch)
Now I realize that we have some serious patching and hole-filling to do as well as some painting the trim. But I think it really makes such a huge difference. We are on our way to actually having curb appeal! I can’t wait to get the rest of the yard up to par with my fancy green door 🙂
I’ve also made a ton of progress this week working on my to-do list. Except for the part when I keep adding things to it…


Here is my list so far:
Landscape plan for front yard (yay! one thing done!)
Purchase plants/supplies from Lowes (for our house AND the kennel)
Put down crabgrass preventer (my Father-in-Law says we shouldn’t do this, do any of you do it? Thoughts?)
Weed flower beds (thanks to my AWESOME nephews, Jacob & Christian, for helping me with this one!)
Put down Preen (or alternative)
Install plants (for our house AND the kennel)
Purchase mulch
Install mulch


Order/replace filler for window baskets


Replace top rails on front porch
Paint/seal top rails on front porch
Touch up paint & stain on stairs


Paint front door green (woohoo!)
Remove ugly storm door (eeeeee!)
Purchase and replace hardware on front door (no more brass!)
Fill holes in door trim
Paint door trim white and touch up below
Paint pots with house number for front porch (been meaning to do this for 2 years…)


Purchase hardware for dining room curtains
Purchase document print fabric similar to this
Make dining room curtains
Install hardware and curtains
Purchase hardware for living room curtains
Install living room curtains and hardware


Drywall backsplash in kitchen (thanks to my AWESOME brother, Martin, for taking care of this one for me!)
Paint and stencil backsplash in kitchen
Install shelves over sink
Install pendant light over sink (on it’s way, but probably not going to be delivered this week)


Host play group on Monday afternoon
Take girls to dentist on Tuesday morning (definitely was NOT super fun, pretty sure they think I’m a crazy Mom…)
Do laundry and put away all of their clothes in drawers (not just in baskets thrown in closet to be then thrown on the floor…)
Play date with cousins on Wednesday afternoon (This was so fun and I even got to have a real conversation with my sister-in-law that lasted more than 2 minutes. I’m pretty sure that hasn’t happened in a few years thanks to our 6 kids!)
Workout Wednesday night (nothing like trying on a swimsuit to motivate you to work harder!)
Grocery shop
Hit up Sam’s Club
Target run
Host an Easter cookout Sunday afternoon


So far we’re doing pretty well. I can’t really complain but I think Andy may have grounds to since I might have made him install the window hardware this afternoon while watching The Masters…

And I’m having trouble with the spacing in this post. I put in my spacing the way I wanted it and it didn’t show up. So I put in <br> after each line and now it looks like this? I’m confused. Does anyone else use WordPress and have these problems? I was really not expecting to have to edit html in order to have correct spacing.


Happy Friday!

6 thoughts on “Front Door Sneak Peak & Progress”

    1. Thank you! It’s Benjamin Moore Mountain Lane. It was one of the Pottery Barn colors last Spring. I looked on their website and it looks like they still have it. Happy painting!

  1. The green looks terriffic! And I love how it looks without the storm door!

    And… I haven’t been keeping up with reader, just checking a few select blogs… so I had no idea you’d become a frequent blogger! I’ll be checking in with you way more often now! I’m very excited to see how the stenciling in your kitchen turns out and your girls! They are getting so big!!

    1. Thanks Caroline! I’m trying to be a better blogger, hopefully I can keep it up! It’s a little easier when you don’t have a new baby and your house isn’t under major construction 😉

  2. I LOVE it!!!! The green is PERFECT and I can’t believe how much of a difference getting rid of that storm door made!! Great job, guys!! 🙂

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