Chalk Paint Progress

I’m sure it won’t surprise you that I’ve been painting pretty much every chance I’ve had this week.

Last week I started out with the coffee table in our basement as my “practice” piece. It turned out fine but it really wasn’t the best choice to paint with any kind of paint. It has big open slots in the bottom where the side slats meet and I really should have caulked them. Honestly, I didn’t love this table as it was so I didn’t exactly care how it turned out. I just wanted to practice and I figured it couldn’t look any worse with a coat of paint on it. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint definitely makes everything look better, right? I’m planning to distress it a little more once I buy the right sand paper. The kind I have at home is way to rough and just sands straight down to the wood. I painted one coat of French Linen and then two coats of Old White and planned to distress to reveal bits of French Linen. (Pardon the poor lighting in the basement. And the books on top, just keepin’ it real!)

I am absolutely in LOVE with this chair. I moved it into our bedroom and I just can’t stand how happy it makes me. Eeeee!

The detail on top turned out really well. I may end up distressing the seat and legs a little more. Love! (Can you tell I started trying out new paint colors in the kitchen…)

I bought this little bench at an estate sale on Monday with my Mom for $10 (or it could have been $8, I don’t remember). It had an ugly purple velvet cushion on top but it was easily removable.

Here’s how it looks with one quick coat of Duck Egg Blue. LOVE! Also going in our bedroom…

I’m going to recover the cushion with one of these fabrics. I’m still having trouble deciding. I may go with the burlap and put a stencil on the top in gray or black. Maybe something document looking?

Here it is after one coat of clear wax. Let me tell you, it was WAY easier to wax than my chair if you can only imagine… Note the mirror that it’s sitting on, painted in Old White. I stink and forgot to take a before picture. Just imagine really dark wood, just like the little bench.

I love the detail in the top but I need to get a smaller brush to get in the spaces up there. As you can see I missed quite a few!

The mirror needs a coat of wax after some touch up in the top detail portion and then she’s going up in our bathroom over the bath tub. Can’t wait!

Hope you’re having a fun week so far!

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