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When Ellorie was born we were in the middle of adding onto our house. Our life was a total mess. She and I slept in the basement for a few months and she didn’t even get an actual room until our new one was finished and she could have our old one. It remained unpainted with a giant drywall patch for wall decor for months. We then fixed it up for Maddie and plopped her into Maddie’s old, already decorated room. Basically, she’s the second child and she got the hand-me-down bubblegum pink room. Good thing she was a girl! It was the best I could do at the time and it worked out just fine for 18 months. Lately, though, I’ve been itching to get rid of the pink and redecorate the room just for her.

I spent pretty much my entire day yesterday painting Ellorie’s room. Goodbye bubblegum pink and hello butter!

The paint is Benjamin Moore “Butter” and I’m loving it SO much more than the bubblegum pink. I ran out of paint last night about 3/4 of the way through rolling my second coat. I had hoped to get more this morning so I could finish rolling during nap time but that didn’t quite work out as planned.

I moved her yellow and tan glider down to the basement and one of the white Ikea Ektorp chairs out of our room into it’s place. You can kind of see in the background of the above picture. I think it will work really nicely for her age since we really don’t need the glider up there anymore. It’s super comfy and will give her more room to play without an ottoman. Plus, it’s cushy and white and I think it works really well with the yellow paint.

I have a pink crib sheet (that I got for free when I bought Maddie’s toddler bed off of Craigslist) from the Pottery Barn Kids Eliza collection:

I would love to find more of this bedding but I haven’t had much luck, especially in toddler/crib size. I will need a pillowcase and I’d like a toddler size quilt but the pillowcase is more important for now.

I have this PBK Light Pink Gingham Drape Shade (although ours seems lighter pink than this picture). I plan to buy a plain white roller shade from Lowe’s to put underneath to darken her room:

I bought this butterfly mobile off of Craigslist a few months ago and she’s already in love with it (so am I!): 

I have lots of white frames and accessories that I can use to decorate her walls. I plan to paint some pink and leave some white and bring in some silver as well. I also plan to include other pink accessories, maybe some books with pretty binding, sculptures, etc. I also have her name in the lower case PBK letters. That might be cute on a pink shelf?

Her carpet is an ugly brown and it’s not in the budget to be replaced or updated anytime soon so I’d like to brighten it up a little. I’m debating on buying this rug but at $200+ I would love to find a very similar but cheaper alternative: 

Her room needs more light and I was thinking of either doing a tall floor lamp behind the white chair or hanging white globe lights above it but only if I can hide the cords somehow. She’s a little mischievous and accident prone so I’m not trying to give her any fresh ideas.

I’m planning to make this butterfly out of buttons (I’m thinking sequins might work better than buttons just because they are flatter?): 

I’m planning on having Andy make shelves like these at Mrs. 5C’s House

I love the idea of the books facing forward so you can see them all and they double as wall decor! I think I might put some other decor items up on the top shelves but we’ll see what I come up with.

I can’t wait to have the painting done so I can at least move her back into her room. I’m sure she’d like that as well, although she’s been doing really well sleeping in the basement. Maybe she’s remembering the good ol’ days of her infanthood, ha!

Hope you’re having a good and productive week too!


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  1. Aww! Thanks for the link! 🙂
    I LOVE the butter color! It’s going to look so pretty with the pink! And that striped rug! Love it. 🙂

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