Happy 4th and Happy to be Home!

We have had quite the adventurous week! With no power, we spent a few nights at home sleeping in the basement, a night a Mimi’s house, a night at Aunt Sarah & Uncle Rob’s house, and another night at Mimi’s house. Now we’re finally home and so happy to be here!

The kids had a blast at Mimi’s house. They spent lots of time playing with baby dolls and chasing the poor dog around. There were “naps” on the floor in the kitchen and lots of flowers picked. We had fabulous pork tenderloin. We were all spoiled rotten!

We had a great visit with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Rob and apparently I was so enamored with the sweet baby that I didn’t take one single picture. Can you believe that???? I can, she was pretty fabulous! The girls both did really well with the baby and I was really surprised that neither was particularly jealous. They loved her! But really, what’s not to love? I’m sure it won’t surprise you that we had them all (including Katherine) in matching purple polka dot dresses!

We had a fun (and adventurous) 4th of July as well. We had planned to go to Sakura with friends and then take the big kids to the fireworks. We got to Sakura to find it closed for the holiday (bummer!). So we braved Bonefish with 3 kids under 4. We ordered big glasses of wine and beer to prepare. We had some screaming and whining, several potty breaks (I believe my child screamed “I need to poop” for all to hear), and some minor spillage of drinks but all in all it was fine. The kids weren’t nearly as bad as our server but that’s another story!

We had a short wait for our table so we kept the kids entertained outside for as long as possible. We practiced ballet moves, Maddie instructed.

We exchanged kisses.

I love the look on his face! They each tried to play it so cool but we know they loved it!

We played the “drums” on the bench while giggling hysterically.

And of course you know Maddie had to shake her booty! Dance party!

We jumped up and down on the grate while looking at ourselves in the reflection of a parked car. Our little ones are so vain πŸ˜‰

Ellorie thought it was a good time to practice her forward rolls. Sometimes I wonder about her…

And we snuggled on the bench! He’s a lady’s man I tell ya! I know both of my girls are smitten πŸ™‚

We scrapped the fireworks idea when we found out it started at 9:30 pm and we decided to get ice cream instead. The kids were so tired but that didn’t stop the gummy bear and m&m eating. Not much holds them back! They ran laps (no lie) afterwards and we all went home and crashed in bed.

Maybe we’ll be able to stay up for the fireworks next year πŸ™‚


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