Holy Storm!

I’m sure you’ve heard, we had a CRAZY storm here on Friday night! Andy and I were watching a DVD we rented and we could hear a loud noise coming from outside. We got up to check it out and the power went out. We could hear what sounded like a freight train and then the house started shaking. We looked at each other like “Oh, shit!” and ran up the stairs. We grabbed the kids and the dogs and ran to the basement. They’re saying on the news that there was no tornado that it was just a strong storm but I know we must have had something very similar, maybe a microburst? Whatever it was it was enough to freak us out and freak out the kids and we all spent the night in the basement up against the concrete wall.

Not my best photo, pardon the iPhone with no light. We’ve been without power ever since. That means NO AC! We’ve been sleeping in the basement on Maddie’s old mattress with portable fans (like these). It’s actually pretty cool in our basement and we’ve been comfortable enough to sleep all night. There is no TV or hanging out with the hubs while the kids sleep but really, sleeping all night is pretty good right?

We are very fortunate that Andy’s brother and parents live right nearby and both have generators and fridge/freezer space to spare. We took all of our food and moved it between their two houses. We ate pretty much everything else. So far we haven’t really lost much food and we’re so so grateful for that.

We’ve spent a lot of time at the pool trying to keep as cool as possible. We’ve had some fun play dates with friends, thankfully indoors. My kids have had lunch at Starbucks pretty much every day. My Mom got power back today so the kids and I are lucky to be spending the night with her and my StepDad. She cooked us a great dinner and he poured me a glass of wine as soon as I walked out of the kids’ rooms. The kids are both asleep upstairs and I’m actually on the computer instead of in the bed with Maddie for the first time in days. I’m happy!

We’re hanging in there! I hear we’re supposed to be getting power back tomorrow but I’m not believing it until I see it. They teased us with a promise of it tonight but that clearly didn’t happen. Andy was really pissed when he heard that his Dad saw the Dominion workers in our neighborhood on the way home and they told him we would have power tonight if Dominion would allow them to work longer than 4:30 pm. But they won’t so their plan was to hang out in the parking lot until it was time to go back to their hotel. So much for “working ’round the clock” to bring power back to our families! GRR.

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