Our Ordinary Day In Pictures

Today I am joining in with Jill at Baby Rabies in documenting an entire ordinary day in our life in pictures. You know you want to know what we do all day, right? I’m pretty sure I took WAY too many pictures but whatever, I’m going with it!

Well here goes… a day in the life…

6:05 am: Get up for Insanity with Jen, way too early to be taking pictures! I struggle through Pure Cardio since I’m crazy sore from my workout yesterday afternoon with Magen. Thanks for that!

7:00 am: Andy gets the kids up and he and Jen both leave for work.

7:15 am: Kids eat breakfast (waffles and yogurt), I try to eat my yogurt without puking since I’m still crazy out of breath from my workout.

7:30 am: After a double potty break, both girls have some play time.

Not sure why my couch pillows always end up as a “toy.”

This seems to be the permeant state of the play room these days…

First T.O. of the morning, will be one of many today (life with a 3.5 year old DIVA!). Look at that hateful little look! I love that there are wings on the floor, though. Must.have.wings.at.all.times.

While Maddie was in time out, I cleaned up the house a little bit and walked into our bedroom to find our bed all made up. Not quite the way I would do it but still very sweet and thoughtful. Made me smile!

9:00 am: Maddie throws a fit over something about her shorts, not really sure about this one but really, shorts?

Pulling on them and screaming really helps, trust me.

We finally get our shoes on and head out the door and up the driveway to take Daddy his socks (that I found while tidying up the house). Ellorie is quite happy to be taking Daddy socks! And yes, I took her with no pants on…

As soon as we step on the aggregate walk way she falls and skins her knee, again. I swear that’s all this child does. And of course, it’s the same one she skinned yesterday. She was bleeding everywhere so I told her to come back inside so we could clean it up before we left. She yells “no” and starts running up the driveway towards the kennel. I let her go but stopped by the car to grab a baby wipe so I could at least wipe off the blood. Crazy baby!

The girls spot Daddy and start running.

He’s outside sweeping up the leaves. He’s playing in a golf tournament this afternoon so it would be a little gross to use the leaf blower and smell like gasoline all day. What a smart man I married!

Ellorie isn’t giving up the socks!

We go inside to visit our dogs. They love it here and go almost every day with Daddy. If he doesn’t take them they stand by the door and whine.

We hug Daddy and head back down the driveway to our house.

9:15 am: Finally home, we clean up the boo boo. I had to put the band-aid on sideways so I could adhere to skin that wasn’t bleeding.

9:30 am: We get to work cleaning up Maddie’s new bed. I bought this at a yard sale a while back but never got around to taking a picture of it.

9:45 am: We’re finished with the bed and break for snack. Mid-preparation Ellorie starts yelling “Poop, Potty, Mommy!” and runs for the bathroom. This happens often but doesn’t always yield actual results. I know she’s pooped when I hear her yelling “yay!” and clapping. Of course this would be more helpful when I wasn’t supposed to be collecting stool to bring to the doctor. Bringing in diapers is far easier but why be easy, right?

We have blueberries and cheese for snack.

I have a second cup of coffee because I’m freaking exhausted. Make mental note to dust  Keurig…

10:00 am: We head upstairs. I work on putting the bed together while the girls play dress up in the closet. I learn quickly that Ellorie is crazy sneaky and I should be paying more attention. She sneaks up behind me while I am trying to move the bed and the footboard falls and bumps her on the leg. It was totally light and didn’t leave a mark but can the kid catch a break? Poor thing!

Maddie tests out the bed and decides she’s happy with it. I ended up moving the nightstand to the left side of the bed and swapping the letters with the picture frame. It looks much better that way but of course I forgot to take a picture.

10:45 am: We all take a MUCH needed shower. Maddie was really well behaved and even cleaned up all of her toys with me only asking once. This doesn’t happen often these days so I chose to make a big deal out of it and shower her with praise. Then I painted her toenails purple to “match her dress.” She was pumped!

11:45 am: We have lunch – zucchini bread, tomatoes (except for Ellorie, not a fan), more blueberries and veggie straws. I also had a banana.

12:30 pm: Maddie quietly reads in her room while I put Ellorie down for a nap.

12:45 pm: I set Maddie up on the couch in the living room watching Tangled and start on some work in my office. Must order bed rails so she doesn’t fall out of bed!

1:15 pm: Massive thunderstorm. I’m talking super strong winds and raining sideways. We have a huge covered porch and it soaked the entire front of our house! Everything on the porch was wet, including the huge stack of newspapers delivered this morning. The winds were blowing so hard that the ferns were hanging sideways when they weren’t being filled with water. I had to climb up and rescue the damn precious baby birds who have decided to reside there (against all of my best efforts). I put the fern in a chair up against the house and peeked into find brand new babies, their eyes aren’t even open. I don’t do well with baby animals, clearly since I just climbed a ladder in a massive storm to rescue them. UGH.

1:30 pm: Storm is over. Maddie is back to her movie and I am back to my work.

2:30 pm: We break for snack, peaches. SO GOOD. I also start making Kale Chips.

3:15 pm: Ellorie is up. I get her out of bed and change her quickly since my kale chips are in the oven.

First batch is a bust. 15 minutes was WAY too long in our oven. This is how they looked after 13.

Dumped them in the sink and started on batch 2.

Ellorie eats her snack and “assists” me in making them.

3:30 pm: The kids color while we wait for the chips to bake. I hit the bathroom and come back to find this:

You turn your back for a minute! She is nothing if not resourceful!

We try the kale chips and decide that none of us is a fan. Not sure why I thought I would like kale chips when I don’t like kale… Nanny will love them though.

Coloring turns into Ellorie standing on the chair pulling every crayon out and Maddie getting mad at her since she clearly isn’t following the rules.

4:00 pm: I start dinner – spaghetti with shredded zucchini and cream cheese, Maddie’s request (minus the zucchini, I added it in since we have tons coming in from the garden).

4:30 pm: Nanny and Peyton show up to visit and partake in the kale chips.

We play in the basement and have a good time. Silly girls!

5:15 pm: Nanny & Peyton head home and we head upstairs for dinner. We’re all starving by now and I can’t serve/cut up spaghetti fast enough. They inhale their dinner and yogurt pops for dessert and I clean up.

5:45 pm: We head downstairs to play the dance game as a reward for dinner going so well. XBOX decides it needs to take forever to update first. Maddie decides to dance like a maniac until it finishes.

Update complete and music (and game face) on!

I love this, it totally looks like they’re doing the moves together like they should be. Trust me, they weren’t but this still cracks me up!

Maddie gets her little butt shaking and I can’t help but giggle. She comes up with the best little dance moves, she cracks me up!

6:30 pm: We head upstairs for bedtime. We skip bath since I’m on my own and we showered this morning. I put Ellorie to bed while Maddie is supposed to be cleaning up her dress up clothes and putting on seasonally appropriate jammies. I come back to find her in long-sleeved Christmas jammies and not one thing has been cleaned up. She loses her dress up clothes for tomorrow and we put on summer jammies. I brush her teeth and read to her and she goes to sleep. Hopefully she doesn’t fall out of the bed tonight!

7:00 pm: Kids are in bed and I am done! Ignoring the mess in the kitchen I head into the office to look through all of my pictures and write my post.

8:00 pm: Andy comes home and we talk about our days. He’s getting a kidney stone (ouch!) and I’m exhausted so tonight will involve relaxing and watching some TV. Wait, I think most nights involve that…

How was your day?

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8 thoughts on “Our Ordinary Day In Pictures”

  1. I love this! I thought about doing this, but my day is: feed the baby. burp the baby. ask the baby to please take a nap. sleep. feed the baby… haha.

    You ARE a super mom. I don’t know how you do all that every day.

    1. Thanks Sarah! I definitely don’t do all of that every day, it was a weird day 🙂 I would LOVE to see your day in pictures and I’m sure everyone else would too. Who wouldn’t want to stare at Katherine all day?? I know I would!

  2. Let me just say how much I love pantless babies (does that sound weird?). My boys feel like wearing pants is like a punishment. Half of my pictures of them are without pants. That’s just how we roll in our house. Nice to see someone else does that as well 🙂

    Your day makes me exhausted to read. You are a super mom!!

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