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All of you in the sewing world, I need your help! I have 2 sewing machines that were (so graciously) given to me. One is my Mother-in-laws (a Singer Stylist 543) and the other was my Grandmother’s (a Pfaff). Both models are older, between 10 and 25+ years old.

What I’m struggling with is should I use one of the older models or should I purchase a new one? Is there any huge difference in the way they operate now vs these older models? In it’s day the Pfaff was one heck of a machine and it even has a serger, but it’s still at least 25 years old. I know the newer machines have electronic components and I’m guessing they probably do a lot more for you and are simpler to use. Being new to sewing, I’m all about easier and simpler. But I’m wondering if those differences are really that significant or would it just make more sense to stick with what I’ve got.

I’m not trying to spend a ton of money and I don’t need some crazy fancy machine since I’m new to this. I just want to make drapes, pillows, table runners, mend some clothes, etc. I know I want a machine that isn’t super wimpy though since it will need to sew through many different types of fabrics. Super easy to use is a huge plus since I’m new at this. And so is available at Walmart since I have a gift card that I can use.

What machine do you have? What do you like/dislike about it? Have you used a new model or an older one? Differences? And what on Earth do you think I should do??

I would love your feedback on this one!

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  1. I grew up in the sewing machine business. My dad owned a dealership for over 50 years and I worked there growing up, and later as an adult. Both the Pfaff and the Singer 543 are decent machines. Pfaff for years ,made some incredible quality machines. Anything with all metal parts machined with the finesse of a watch is going to be good, but the downside is that Pfaff has an abundance of moving parts, so they can be expensive to repair. If your Pfaff is in good repair and well maintained, it should do you well. The Singer 543 also is a decent machine. Very easy to sew with, very easy to operate. I just fixed one up for a friend of mine. If both machines are in good working order, they should give you many hours of “play” without having to buy a new one. If you do decide to get a new one, however, it’s worth while to spend a little extra and get a Bernina. Hope this helps!

  2. Haha I took a sewing class when I was in 5th grade… but all I learned how to make were beanie baby backpacks (which, in 5th grade, was really the most important thing to learn how to make…) so I’m not much help 😉

    Good luck though!!

  3. Can I come over and play with the serger?? 🙂
    I think you should start out by trying to learn on the Pfaff, just because I’m sentimental and it sounds so cool. But I’ve never tried using an older model sewing machine, so I don’t know if it’d be more difficult. I’d think, in a way, that an older machine might be simpler to learn on?

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