Crafty Week & Father’s Day

We’ve been crafty this week, and by we I guess I would mean me. I mean exactly how crafty can a 1.5 year old and 3.5 year old really be? We’re working on it!

We made baseball cake balls for the sweetest boy I know, Happy Birthday Jacob!

I used Bakerella’s instructions and they were great. I didn’t have the red jimmies for the stitches and the food writers looked ridiculous so I just drew them on with my squeeze bottle. They stick up further than the jimmies but they worked. Maddie decorated all of the red ones with white sprinkles. She wants you to know she is an AWESOME sprinkler!

I tried to make golf ball ones for Andy and they just did not turn out. I guess that’s why they aren’t in her book? I thought I could let them harden a tiny bit and then use the end of a dowel rod to make indentations and it just did not work. The candy coating either pulled right back out or came off entirely leaving the cake exposed. Neither looked anything like a golf ball so we re-dipped and went with more sprinkles. Who doesn’t like sprinkles, right??

We also made this card for Grandma’s birthday but I forgot to take a picture of it. The girls had a blast having their fingers painted and then making thumb and finger prints. We did this with wipes on hand and still ended up with paint in our hair!

We made these for the 3 Grandfathers in our family for Father’s Day. They were inspired by the Mother’s Day gift that Maddie made me at preschool last year. I love the little bees and the kids loved making finger prints.

They were a hoot trying to take that picture. I think I took 63 in order to get one good one. Here are a few that didn’t make the cut:

That one cracks me up, Maddie looks so devilish! They had a hard time looking cute AND holding the sign…

We made these foot prints for Daddy. The kids loved this craft the most of all. What kid doesn’t love having their entire foot covered in paint? Mine were no exception! There were lots of excited giggles! We did this on the bathroom sink so that I could paint their feet, quickly make the print and then wash it off. Painting toddlers feet is definitely on the list of braver things I have done. It was fun though, they loved it! Maddie had a hard time keeping this little project a secret from Daddy but she did it! She couldn’t wait for Father’s Day so she could give it to him! I love that we’ll have the impression of their little feet forever. Baby feet are so cute!

And speaking of baby feet, I’m not the only one who made something this week. The MOST special baby ever was born this week and I am so excited! I can’t wait to meet her! I am over the moon happy for Sarah & Rob! Congrats Mommy & Daddy!

Happy Father’s Day!


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  1. Karla! I’m totally impressed with your cake balls! They look awesome! And thank you!! We think she’s pretty awesome 🙂

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