Happy Birthday to my Dad!

I’m so behind this week so please pardon the fact that this is a day late, as was his Happy Birthday call from the girls. Better late than never I guess?

Happy Birthday to my Dad! I love these pictures and I thought it would be appropriate to share in honor of him. Love you Dad!

I spent lots of time up here as a kid. It’s a good spot!

Check out the shorts! Classic Dad 🙂

My kids do this to Andy now, something about feeding Daddy!

He’s also a VERY loved Granddad to my two little girls 🙂

 Ellorie calls him “Dandad,” just like Maddie did.

 I hope you had a wonderful day! I love you Dad!

1 thought on “Happy Birthday to my Dad!”

  1. >Awww………well I really enjoyed your Dad's Happy Birthday wishes/photos 🙂 What a sweet walk down memory lane <3

    Happy Birthday DanDad 🙂

    Love yall – Aunt Weezy

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