We’re getting closer!

>I’m still feeling lots of pressure “down there” so I called the OB again today to ask just how normal this all is. It feels like a really bad period where everything down there is just swollen and uncomfy and honestly what I would imagine feeling like after pushing out a baby, not prior to. It freaks me out a little bit so I felt my call was warranted. The last time I went to the OB they told me that she had dropped down and would continue to push down and that was just my round ligaments that were hurting.  Well, unless I have round ligaments in my cervix, I’m thinking it’s more than round ligaments and me being sensitive. 

We went to the OB today and saw one of my favorite doctors who is just fabulous. Turns out I’m between 0 and -1 and 50% effaced. Woohoo!
35 weeks pregnant

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