Free Life Savers Jelly Beans!

UPDATE: Apparently our Walgreens sucks and isn’t participating in this promotion?? Yet another reason I don’t shop there…

You can get free Life Savers Jelly Beans at Walgreens right now. This is a great deal and (if you’re anything like me) will help you fill up all of those eggs that you have to send to school! And the best part is there is no clipping or printing required, just go to the store!

They are currently on sale 2 for $1. At the front of the store there is a little coupon booklet you can pick up, located near their weekly ad (mine is near the carts at the front door). In that book is a coupon for $1 off of 2 packages of Any Starburst, Skittles, Life Savers or Hubba Bubba Cluckers Easter Item. You get 2 free packs with your coupon!

Who doesn’t like free jelly beans??

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