Former Memo Board Turned Bow Holder: A Semi-Tutorial

I hope you’re enjoying summer as much as we are! We’ve been having a blast going to the pool and doing fun summer activities and that has pretty much kept me away from projects and my computer for a few weeks. But I’m back and blogging! Currently blogging from this space (a little less than a productive work environment I might add…):

I actually finished this project maybe over a month ago. I just haven’t remembered to take pictures until this week. I revamped a memo board that I had in college and turned it into a bow holder for Maddie. The kid has close to a million bows and they are currently sitting in those two green baskets (above). The need a home, a pretty and organized one!

So this is what I started with (sorry, I got a little too happy taking everything off and forgot to take a true before picture, just pretend those ribbons are still attached…):

I removed all of the existing ribbons and all of the staples that were holding them in place.

I chose a simple preppy purple stripe fabric to cover my board with. Maddie’s room already has a lot of colors and patterns so I didn’t want to go too crazy.

This is the back side of my board. I’m guessing that most people’s won’t look like this but you can really work with pretty much anything. Mine was really thick around the edges and a little difficult to get the staples into. Good thing I have big muscles (ha)! Mine came with hardware so I removed it but held onto it to put back on again.

I cut the fabric to a little larger than the size of my board and laid my board face down on it. I pulled the edges around the back of the board and secured them with staples. I did my edges just like the ones on my burlap bulletin board.

I had briefly considered using a fun bright green ribbon but it was just too neon for my taste, plus nothing in her room was neon green.

So I went with a more muted green and I really like how it looks with the purple. I attached it around the back with a staple gun, really easy.

A look at the final product (not quite on the wall yet, working on it!)…

And of course, with bows on it!

This project was really simple and really inexpensive. I already had the memo board and the ribbon. All I had to buy was the fabric and I got it on sale from JoAnn’s and I’m pretty sure it was less than $5. You really don’t need much fabric to cover a memo board.

Maddie is super excited about her purple bow holder and I’m still working on getting all of her bows up on it and out of the baskets in which they currently reside. One thing at a time!


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