What Do Your Kids Eat?


I’m having one of those weeks where my kids seem to eat absolutely nothing, including their favorites. I brought McDonald’s to Maddie’s school picnic today (b/c I totally forgot we were supposed to bring a packed lunch) and she wouldn’t eat it! Seriously, that NEVER happens. Ellorie is more interested in playing with PB sandwiches than eating them lately. No idea what is going on with them but it has inspired me to try to come up with some new things for our menu in hopes of two better little appetites (and attitudes about food).

So I thought who better to ask that the blogosphere! Surely you all have things that your kids will eat, right? Or some genius strategies? At least that’s what I’m hoping!

So I’ll start with a few of my girls’ favorites:

Cheerios (Honey Nut, Pink, etc.)
Cinnamon bread with cream cheese or peanut butter
Smoothies (yogurt mixed with whole milk)

PBJ (or just plain PB if we’re in the car, a “car sandwich”)
Cinnamon bread & cream cheese (or PB) sandwich
Ham rolled up and cheese slices
Veggies and dip (usually with something else)
Hot dogs
Pasta with cheese or just plain
Bagels with cream cheese

Chicken nuggets
Hot dogs
Corn casserole and green beans (hands down favorite sides and the only things I could actually get them to eat this week!)
Pasta with cheese or plain
Mac N Cheese
Some of my casseroles
Some Mexican (usually involving rice and black beans, they’re over the quesadillas)
Salad with ranch
Most veggies, especially peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes (Maddie) and carrots

I realize I’m complaining about my kids not eating this week and I just presented you with a big list of things they will eat. I get how ridiculous that seems but I’m desperate since this week they won’t eat any of this right now. These are the usual things they like to eat but for some reason they are just kind of meh of the idea of eating any of them. Maybe they’re just tired of the same old things?

So I would love to know what your kids’ favorite dishes are and maybe even your tricks for getting them to eat their meals without stressing (does that actually happen?). I think this will be a fun little bloggy experiment or if anything we can just whine about how our kids won’t eat, right?

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