Happy February!


How is is February already? Today when I picked up Maddie from preschool there was a big pink heart on her class’ bulletin board for their upcoming Valentine’s Day party. All of the kids are supposed to sign up to bring something and would it surprise you that my daughter ALWAYS wants to bring sweet treats? Always. No matter if Mommy feels like making them or not, ha. Nothing we can’t handle and I’m drooling over some of the ideas on Pinterest already… 

But that got me thinking about Valentines, so fun! Last year she HAD to have Olivia Valentines to give to her classmates and they were super cute. Being the frugal lady I am, I saved the remaining ones hoping to use them again this year. Unfortunately for me there were 11 left and she has 14 classmates. So much for that idea! So needless to say we’ll be buying new ones…

And you know I’m obsessed with Tiny Prints so naturally I swooned when I got an email about their Valentines. I had no idea they made personalized Valentines for kids, how did I miss this?! They’re not even that expensive either (wallet excitedly screams “yay!”). 

How cute are these?

How cute would this be for both girls to send to their play group friends?
I think those are hilarious and I love them, hands down the sheep is my favorite. But I already know which one Maddie will insist on me buying…

What can I say? The girl is obsessed with dancing! 

And do you know what the best part is? Tiny Prints is offering bloggers 50 free classroom Valentine’s cards for posting about their awesome Valentine Cards and Valentines Day Greeting Cards. I think they’re super cute and am so excited to be participating in this campaign. I know Maddie is going to be thrilled to hand out her ballerina Valentine’s πŸ™‚

I really love Tiny Prints. They have great, quality products and they are so generous to bloggers. They have super nice people too! If you want to get involved with them you can…

Follow them on Twitter
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Or my favorite, follow Tiny Prints Boards on Pinterest

Thanks Tiny Prints! 

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