I feel like she might fall out…

>So hopefully not really but I did freak out a little last week. The girls at work threw me a baby shower on Friday 11/21 and that’s when it all started. I felt terrible and was feeling a lot of pressure like she was pushing down between my legs. I went home that afternoon and just took it easy and felt much better on Saturday during the day. Saturday night it came back and then I was fine all day Sunday. I went to work on Monday morning thinking all was fine and I had just had a crummy weekend, right? Not quite…I walk a mile uphill to work every day (haha, that makes me sound like my Grandpa except minus the 3 feet of snow, haha!).  Anyways, I was walking to work and it started again but it really felt like she was down between my legs. This really freaked me out because I’m thinking it’s probably not a good thing to be feeling lots of pressure where the baby is supposed to be coming out, right? I got to work and asked around and pretty much everyone told me that they felt like that in the end of their pregnancy and it sounded normal. I called the doctor and talked to a nurse hoping she would tell me the same thing, that all was fine and normal and I’d just be uncomfortable for a few more weeks until I deliver. Wouldn’t that have been nice, but no….I had to go in to be “checked” out.  Mind you, I was not preparing to be “checked” down there until 36 weeks and that area is not one I’ve seen in a few months so obviously I’m not too thrilled to be baring all before I had a chance to get it under control and presentable if you get what I mean…

Being that this is the week of Thanksgiving, my husband is now working crazy hours and cannot come with me to the appointment since it wasn’t planned. My Mom comes to the rescue and picks me up and accompanies me to my appointment. I was definitely freaked out and didn’t want to go alone, plus walking was making me even more uncomfortable so I certainly didn’t want to walk all the way back to the car (downhill this time, but still a mile).  We see the doctor and he asked me a million questions, pokes & prods (ouch!), then checks my belly measurements and listens to her heartbeat. All looks good and he takes a look at my cervix, which let me tell you hurt like crazy! Turns out her head is just down in my pelvis and she’s getting bigger faster than my ligaments are willing to stretch out which is causing my pain/pressure. Gotta love those round ligaments! He did a fetal fibronectin test as well just to make sure I wasn’t in early labor and that all turned out OK as well. So basically, my baby is engaged and ready to go and I just get to suffer until she decides to come out. Good news though, is that I only have 3 more weeks until I’m full term!
34 weeks pregnant

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  2. >THREE WEEKS?!?! Can it BE?!?
    How time has flown!!
    I’m glad you’re ok! Lots of love to the little bun. Tell her to stay in there (and find a more comfortable position to grow in) until the oven dings. 😉
    I love you!!

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