It’s Holiday Card Time!


So it’s that time of year again and it makes me so excited! I love getting all of the holiday cards from friends and seeing the sweet pictures of their family and all of their kiddos. Everyone looks so happy and they all have such beautiful families, it’s truly awesome. We used to display them on our fridge but since we’re high rollers now (ha) and have a non-magnetic stainless steel fridge  (the neat-freak in me is squealing with delight, sorry kiddos!) I’ll have to come up with something new, maybe like these
I wish I could show you our last years card from Tiny Prints, it was awesome, but I can’t get my scanner to work. And to be honest that bottle of wine in the fridge is calling my name hard tonight so please don’t blame me for giving up quickly…
I have narrowed our card down to four (from 52 favorites might I add, so indecisive but can you blame me when they’re all SO CUTE!?!). Maybe you can help me decide? 
I love the colors and designs on this one, plus like the hubby pointed it out it offers lots of space on the front for multiple pictures. And it has super cute return address labels that are just begging to be purchased…

This one comes in red:
 Or green (which, as no surprise, I think I like better), also with lots of photo space:
This is Andy’s favorite and I love, love, love the return address labels for these too:

And this last one you really have to see the back as well, how cute is that?
So any thoughts or favorites? I am supposed to be getting the link for our family pictures this evening from our photographer so I’m planning on ordering ASAP to get them in time for the holidays. Oh, and is it tacky to have them addressed and mailed out ? Do holiday cards require handwriting? 
Soooo excited!

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