How I Save Money Shopping for Groceries: Part Three

So far in my series on How I Save Money Shopping for Groceries: Part One and Part Two, I have shared with you some of the ways in which I save money when grocery shopping.

Here is a summary of what we have learned so far:
1. Plan a weekly menu
2. Shop with a list
3. Shop once a week
4. Sign up for your grocery store’s savings card
5. Know what a good price is
6. Stock up when you find a great sale
7. Let other people do (some of) the work for you
8. Know your grocery store’s coupon policy
9. Don’t spend all of your time on this!

Today I have a few more tips for you. These are things that I have learned shopping at my local grocery store (Harris Teeter) but they are applicable anywhere. You just have to keep your eyes peeled for great deals!

10. Look for discounts on produce. 
In my store there is a rack in the produce section that contains discounted produce. On it you will find apples with a tiny bruise, bananas that have a spot or two, and other items that the produce department deemed less than perfect and therefore has chosen to discount. This is a GREAT place to get deals on perfectly good produce. Last week I bought 4 perfectly good apples for $1.00. Last fall I bought an entire box of bananas for $3.63 (probably 40 bananas). I’ve been told that the smoothie shops often scoop these up early. I followed suit and froze them for smoothies. There is always something different on the rack and I almost always find a great deal.

11. Look for unadvertised deals.
Throughout your local grocery store you will find a slew of deals that were not advertised in the paper. There just isn’t enough room in every ad to include every deal. Many deals carry over week to week but it’s not always a guarantee. I often find great deals on items that are changing to a new packaging or something that the grocery store has chosen to no longer carry. One week I found squeezable fruit puree pouches for 70% percent off just because they were changing to a new package. My kids love these and they are definitely not an inexpensive item so you better believe I bought all of them!

12. Find sale tags on items close to expiration.
Each week you will find items that are close to their expiration on the shelves in your local store. These can be meat, tortillas, bread or many other items. They will either have a brightly colored tag with a coupon or a deeply discounted price right on the package. This is not something that is advertised but it’s easy to spot because of the brightly colored tags. If you find something that your family loves that you know you will use go ahead and buy it. I usually buy these items and then either use them right away or I freeze what we won’t be able to use before it spoils. I find GREAT deals this way!

You can save a lot of money on your grocery bill if you just make a plan and pay attention while you shop. You don’t need to scour the internet and the newspapers for the best deal in every store in town or spend hours and hours cutting coupons. You can save quite a bit of money with not a lot of effort.

Want to learn how to shop like I do? There is so much more! Email me at madeinearlysville (at) gmail (dot) com to sign up for my class!

Coming up: How to Save Money on Meals for Your Family.

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