A Week Lost

I realize I have been MIA this week and you’re probably wondering why. No, I did not vanish off to an island in the Caribbean (I wish!). I’ve lost an entire week to illness in our family. I literally have gotten absolutely NOTHING done this week.

Ellorie has hand-foot-mouth and has been a major grump all week. I’ve basically been holding/entertaining her during all of her waking hours. Yesterday she threw up all over me as soon as I picked her up out of her crib. It was great. Really great. I was worried that she had picked up a stomach bug from when we went to the pediatrician on Tuesday (the only time I’ve left the house this week…) but so far the rest of us have been fine. My guess is she just had so much mucus in her tummy from all of that drainage overnight and that doesn’t make anyone feel good. She slept on the kitchen floor for about half hour and then again from 9 – 2:30 in her bed. She woke up thirsty, hungry and in a much better mood. We went easy on the food and today she’s eating normally. Hopefully we’re done with the puking!

Maddie is showing signs of either hand-foot-mouth or something similar involving her throat. She’s been complaining of a headache and a sore throat since Wednesday. I have looked in her mouth and throat with a flashlight and haven’t seen much of anything so I’m not sure what her deal is. We kept her out of school Wednesday and today just in case. She’s a major grump when she’s sick, too. Every little thing ends up being the end of the world and it requires a LOT of patience on my part.

Both kids are coughing all night long but thankfully they’re sleeping through it. Thank God for that or I’d be one heck of a grumpy Mama! So I’ve been going back and forth between two unhappy kiddos all week long. Every time I put out one fire another one starts and I just basically gave up and decided to be OK with accomplishing all of nothing this week.

Monday was our 6 year wedding anniversary and I totally agree with my friend, Jenny, who said we need a “re-do” on that one. We spent the day doing laundry and entertaining the kids. Maddie was OK at that point so she at least got to go to school in the morning. It was definitely not our most fun anniversary to date!

How was your week? Hopefully more successful than mine!


5 thoughts on “A Week Lost”

  1. Words from Weezy: One day you will be old….. and your babies will be gone…….and you and Andy will celebrate wonderful anniversaries together 🙂 – all the while missing THESE days immensely! I know it’s hard to imagine that right now – especially after this week – but this time will fly by…………..I know :/

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry Karla! Kids are lots of work on normal days. Add illness and they are exhausting! I hope Ellorie (poor baby!) continues to get better and that everyone in the house stays healthy!

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