How I Save Money Shopping for Groceries: Part One

This week I’m going to share with you some of the ways in which I save our family money when I shop for groceries. My hope is that you can use some of these ideas to bring down your grocery bill and save your family some money, too!

1. Plan a weekly menu.
I plan out meals for our family based on what we have at home and what is on sale at the grocery store each week. Some people do this monthly. I’m just not that organized so I do this weekly. It helps me plan my list and helps my family stay organized. Life is busy, this helps save me a lot of time.

2. Shop with a list.
I always, always, always shop for groceries with a list. I stick to that list and I don’t buy items that aren’t on sale unless we’ve totally run out of something or we really need it right now (like this week, we have sick babies and no Gatorade so we bought full price Gatorade). I make my list based on my weekly menu as well as what I have in my pantry, what’s on sale for the week and what I have coupons for.

3. Shop once a week.
I typically shop once a week unless there is a crazy sale going on and I need to stock up on something that my family uses (super doubles, triples, etc.). The fewer times I go to the grocery store the less likely I am to buy impulse items that I don’t really need and that aren’t on sale. It’s also helpful if I don’t send my husband…

4. Sign up for your grocery store’s savings card.
Every store has a shopper loyalty card program and you absolutely should be signed up for it. This allows you to take advantage of all of the sales that they offer only to their customers. Harris Teeter has the VIC card, Kroger has a Kroger Plus card, you get the idea. If you’re not signed up for it (or your forget to use it) you are paying WAY too much for your groceries. Some stores also offer an additional savings program if you sign up for their emails. At Harris Teeter they have the e-VIC Program and they not only send the weekly sales ad directly to your inbox, they also offer e-VIC only specials and coupons.

5. Know what a good price is.
It’s very helpful to know when something really is on a good sale or when the grocery store just wants you to think you’re getting a great deal. This is an easy one, just pay attention when you shop. Prices go up and down and it’s easy to spot a good one if you’re looking for it.

All of these tips are basic things that anyone can do. None of this should be difficult or time consuming and you will be amazed at the amount of money you save by making just these small changes. You don’t have to be an extreme couponer in order to save money on your grocery bill!

Want to learn to shop like I do? Email me at madeinearlysville (at) gmail (dot) com to sign up for my class!

Tune in tomorrow for How I Save Money Shopping for Groceries: Part Two!

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