Lesson Learned

>I learned an important lesson today and I feel I should share it so maybe someone else won’t have to go through what I did today? Who am I kidding, you’ll probably do the same thing and it’ll probably happen to you too. But maybe you can commiserate with laugh at me on my HORRIBLE morning….

Lesson: NEVER take your toddler out in public anywhere less than 24 hours after they’ve thrown up no matter how “fine” they’re acting the next morning. EVER.
And how did I learn this valuable lesson you ask?? We’ll start with last night. Andy usually puts Maddie to bed so he took her upstairs and I started on dinner. Not 5 minutes later I hear this “Hunny” scream from upstair. I ran up to see what was the matter and found him with a puke covered baby girl. Apparently it was projectile style and I could see that when I walked in, it was EVERYWHERE. I got her cleaned up in the tub and Andy cleaned up the room and we got her in bed. She actually seemed fine once she was clean, she just didn’t like being covered in puke and who would blame her?
She slept all night and seemed totally fine and normal this morning. We fed her the usual breakfast of Cheerios and yogurt and Andy even make pancakes and eggs. She was starving and wanted to sample everything. She was happy and she ate really well. We chalked it all up to the new vitamins he had given her that made her gag the night before. Andy went off to a golf tournament and I decided to go meet a lady at the mall who was selling a bunny costume on Craigslist. Seriously, like a 20 minute errand, nothing big. We go into the mall and she wants a milk from Starbucks so I stop and grab it and then head into Motherhood Maternity to kill some time before the woman calls me. Big mistake. I should have never left the house. She ended up puking all over me and all over the store. It was awful. I had to strip her down to a diaper and attempt to clean myself and then clean up all the puke all over the place. I ended up running out of the mall covered in puke with a nearly naked toddler. It was AWFUL.
Needless to say, I will never do that again and I hope you won’t either.

Maddie is 19 months old and I’m 22 weeks pregnant with her baby sister and totally grossed out by all this puke!

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