It’s finally done!


We finally (and by we, I mean Andy) finished the bathroom! I helped, I really did, but with a sick baby this week, I was a little less than helpful towards the end. And here it is (yay!!!):
Our pictures aren’t fabulous, it’s hard to get all of the space in without the help of a wide-angle lens (we’re not quite that fancy in our household yet).
We wanted minimal decor since the trim was so much in a small space, I think it ended up working out pretty well. We removed 2 towel bars (one over the toilet and one on the wall opposite the toilet) to make it more of a powder room. It’s not likely that anyone will use the shower unless we have a house full of people and a shower rush (again, not likely). And then in that event, if they need to hang up a bath towel it can go on the back of the door. The towel bars were just kind of ugly and we didn’t want to mess up our freshly painted walls. We still might add a painting/picture of some sort but with as indecisive as we were with all of the other decor, that might take a while… maybe a family photo?
I’m working on getting a post together with how-to for the wallpapering with some help from my MIL but that may be a long time coming. We thought it was pretty easy, but then again we had her to help us and she’s done a TON of wall paper in her days. Even without the super genius MIL, it was pretty easy and you can totally handle it. The wallpaper turned out really nice and painted really well. We were psyched that it was so easy and cost effective yet looked so fancy!

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