What makes for a GREAT St. Patty’s Day?


Beadboard wallpaper!!!
This is just a little snippet as we’re only about a quarter of the way to finishing the bathroom but I was so excited I had to share! My husband is a builder and was a little opposed to the idea of wallpapering anything but we read this awesome post and had to try it out. So far the product is totally exceeding our expectations! Let’s just say it’s kind of amazing!
Here are a few looks at the bathroom in transition:

My fabulous hubby getting out the bubbles and unaware he was posing for a picture…

And here is what will be our new mirror! We’ve ordered the glass to fit inside this frame the hubby made (what can I say, he rocks!) and hopefully it will be ready this week. And yes, the bathroom was red before we painted it a bright and cheery blue.
More to come soon!

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