YoBaby Sampling Party

We had a SUPER fun time this afternoon at play group… we had a YoBaby Sampling Party! The awesome folks at Stonyfield Organic and Moms Meet sent me a package containing coupons for free (woohoo!) yogurt for our group to try. We usually have dinner for the kids at play group so tonight we had YoBaby Yogurt for dinner. Fun was had by all!

The kids had fun coloring the pages we download for the party. We had stickers too!

And of course we had to do it all in full princess attire!

I made smoothies for the kids to try the yogurt in a different way than just eating it. I used low-fat vanilla and mixed it with strawberries, mango, banana and oatmeal (cooked & cooled). It was a hit!

Ellorie was QUITE excited when Sam got here. She ran to the door screaming SAM! Funny little girl! She just might have a little crush 😉

We played outside with the bubble machine and the water table. The kids had a blast!

It was nearly 90 degrees outside so they kids appreciated the super cold water in the Pirate Ship. They had a great time splashing and dumping water on each other.

Bubbles were a big hit, too! Although I think the kids may have ingested more than were ever blown…

Sam loved the Apple YoToddler, yum! This is how super heroes eat, very serious so they can focus on getting the bad guys. He says they don’t eat yogurt, just bad guys.

Carter was SUPER excited to start eating her Strawberry YoKids Yogurt. I love this face!

I let Ellorie completely feed herself. I have been letting her have her own spoon and get little bits while I shovel the rest into her mouth. But I figured why not for the sampling party? Trust me, she sampled!

When she realized she wasn’t quite as adept at the spoon she gave up and just used her fingers. Mmmm. She loved the Apple YoToddler, too!

What a good little YoBaby model!

We had a ton of fun at our YoBaby Sampling Party! The kids were full and happy and they ran like crazy outside so they went right to sleep. Perfect ending for Mama!

Thanks again to Stonyfield Organic and Moms Meet!

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