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I NEED to get my hands on some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Don’t you agree? I have the painting bug and I keep reading post after post about how crazy freaking awesome this stuff is and how easy it is to work with. I NEED it.

And I even have the perfect, actually two perfect pieces for it. Ok, I lied, I have like 5 pieces that are just screaming cover me in chalk paint, please!

I have a dresser for our bedroom that I don’t have a picture of but it would be awesome in French Linen or Paris Grey. I’m leaning toward Paris Grey since we have cool blues and grays in the room already. Love!

Or our kitchen island (maybe the Provence/Old White combination or maybe just White?):

Or our breakfast table in white (not sure between Old and Pure, ideas?):

This one really needs help in the paint department. It has smudges of some leftover white paint from a previous owner and it doesn’t really go with the other wood in the room. I was thinking Paris Gray or French Linen? I love the little legs at the bottom and I’m definitely going to replace the hardware. Ignore the green paint on the wall, it might be going (sad, tear). 

And finally, my favorite blue hutch. I love this piece and I love that it’s blue. But it totally doesn’t go with our walls (I know, paint the walls) and it’s really helping me to lean in a different direction. I love the idea of bringing blue and green together in this space but not in the blue piece of furniture up against a green wall kind of way. I’m thinking about covering the back of the hutch in burlap and painting the non-blue portions Old White. The only thing I don’t love about the hutch is the light wood and I think this will solve my problem. Or I could paint all of the blue in French Linen or Paris Gray. I don’t know if I would be sad about losing the blue though. What do you think? Can you tell I love Annie Sloan’s grays? I promise I won’t paint every piece in gray…

Minor problem in procuring this paint, no one near me carries it. Gah! I kind of want to look at the paint in person (maybe on a chart or on an actual piece) before I jump into spending a pretty penny on a little can of it. And is one little can enough for one piece of furniture, like a dresser?  Have any of you ordered this paint and had any luck with it? What about waxes?

I guess for now I’m going to live vicariously through other people’s experiences with the beauty that is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Can you tell I’ve been spending some time Googling finished products in these colors? Gorgeous!

Primitive and Proper painted this hutch Paris Gray, beautiful!

Shabby Coast Cottage painted these floors (using the same pattern as in our kitchen!) in Old White and Paris Gray. This is stunning but I wonder how that would hold up with kids and indoor riding toys…

Centsational Girl painted an accent table Old White and I’m loving this look. I think it would work well for our breakfast table.

Shades of Amber painted this dresser in French Linen, oo-la-la! I need this!

Are you crushing on this paint as much as I am? Maybe we should start a bloggy lottery pool so we can all win and buy some 🙂


8 thoughts on “Chalk Paint”

  1. I just finished a can of ascp in old white. I did a dresser and a little end table and a full sized headboard. Oh I also did an end table with a drawer. I love the paint. I have done several pieces in French linen. It’s beautiful but can be a little dark. I just got a can of Paris gray. It’s beautiful and tends to be a lighter gray. I just used coco as a base with 2 coats and spots of all the other grays and old white on my brass chandelier. It turned out great!!!

  2. I like the look of chalk paint, but I’ve never bought/used any. Reading your post, I became curious about whether or not you could DIY your own chalk paint like you can with chalkboard paint (which is what I did in my kitchen –

    I found two blogs that had DIYed their own chalk paint with decent results. I just figured it might be a cheaper option for you and a way to potentially use some paint you already have on hand. Or you could buy smaller quantities of flat latex paint for half the price of chalk paint. Anyways, just a thought.

    1. Thanks Caroline! What a good idea! I am absolutely going to make chalkboard paint and maybe I’ll even try to make chalk paint! Your kitchen looks fabulous, I LOVE the giant chalk board. I’m thinking that would work well in our kitchen, we have a random little wall with nothing on it. Yay chalk!

  3. I VERY DESPERATELY want to try this paint. From what I’ve read a quart will go through at least a couple of pieces of furniture. My friend Beth has used it in person and LOVES it. I, too, find it super annoying that I can’t buy it in Richmond.

    1. I just read a post somewhere about comparing the cost between regular paint and the chalk paint. I’ll have to find it b/c it supposedly isn’t all that much more expensive after all of the other things you have to buy. It seemed comparable but I was really questioning the ability to cover, say a large dresser. I was SUPER bummed it wasn’t in Richmond b/c I was hoping we could get it together! Maybe someone will take pity and me and send me some, ha!

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