Living Room Shelves…..Help!!


So I’ve been working on re-doing my shelves in my living room and here are some of the things I’ve come up with. Not sure why blogger won’t upload the pics in the order I’ve selected them but we’ll start with these:
Do we like green candles or blue candles on the white tapers? I’m trying to have a balance between blue & green.

Here is what I’ve done so far with my shelves. The new stuff I picked up is:
Green trio of vases (why aren’t there more of these, maybe in blue??)
White candle tapers
Trio of grasses (I’m so in love with these!)
The fake grasses sticking out of the vases
Right side of the shelves:
I’m having a hard time with this side and I’m really not liking it. Any ideas? I can move things around from the other side too.
Left side of the shelves:

1 thought on “Living Room Shelves…..Help!!”

  1. >I can't believe I'm writing this, but I think I like the blue candles!! (crazy!)
    I LOVE those vases and the little grasses.
    I think you need more yellow or maybe another bright color like orange?
    PS: I think of your beautiful built-in shelving daily, so even though you're bored with it's contents right now, please know that it ROCKS. 🙂

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