Happy Easter!

I hope you all had a super fun Easter! We sure did! We had so much fun yesterday that I am just now getting around to posting about it. Better late than never though, right?

Our morning started out like this:

She freaked out when she saw the filled Easter baskets on our dining room table!

Pretty excited about the Minnie Mouse Bubble Tea Set, coolest toy EVER.

I’m the Mom who put stickers instead of candy in the basket… She’s 3, she doesn’t know yet. And I may have also used stickers from a previous holiday that we haven’t opened quite yet… 🙂

As soon as she saw them she immediately put the purple bunny ears on Ellorie. Why not, right?

And if you’re wondering if we start our days in purple tutus, you would be right. Most every day. No idea where they got it from…

The purple ears matched beautifully with the purple tutu!

We hosted an Easter Egg Hunt and cookout with family and friends in the afternoon. We had a blast! I never ever remember to take pictures of anything I make so my awesome friend Jen (“Aunt” Jen) took pictures of everything for me and I didn’t even know it until I upload them all to my computer. You rock Jen!

These are our chocolate dipped Peeps (a must!):

We had purple and chocolate Easter cupcakes. Maddie was thrilled because she thinks everything should be purple and pink. She actually suggested those colors when we went to shop for front door paint and had to be reigned in. We’ll keep them in her room, ha!

These are the cutest and most simple things to make ever. I used egg and bunny molds that I bought from Target and different colored candy coating. Anyone can do this and they look super cute and like you put forth a ton of effort. I promise I did not.

Maddie and her friends were anxious to start the egg hunt but waited patiently for the last few eggs to be hidden. Of course Mommy made her pose for pictures while looking directly into the sun. Awesome right? Oops. And the shoes on the wrong feet? She wore them like that all night. Awesome again.

And we’re off! She was psyched about hunting for eggs!

Ellorie wanted in on the egg hunt action as well. And somehow this outfit looks way more 80s on her than on Maddie? Ha!

We forgot to mow the grass but it worked out so well! We hid eggs right out in the middle of the yard and the kids really had to search for them because the grass was so long! I love this picture of Ellorie because it almost looks like Easter grass around her.

Maddie was quite proud of her Easter loot.

And here is how we ended our day:

Two really happy and really tired girls. They went to bed way late but it was so worth it. They had SO much fun with all of their family and friends. They were both really good and really happy through the entire event.

We had such a great time with everyone! I hope you had a great Easter!


6 thoughts on “Happy Easter!”

  1. Maddie is getting so BIG! I can’t believe how much like a LITTLE GIRL she looks in these pictures!
    All your details look fantastic! What a fun Easter! 🙂

  2. Juliana must have tutus. Can. Not. Live. Without. Them. 😉

    Also, the look on Maddie’s face in the first picture??? Priceless! I approve of the stickers in the basket. I felt like such a slacker Sunday morning because I didn’t have an Easter basket out for Joseph. Then I figured… Eh. He’s 2. He has NO idea that he’s missing out. Next year!

    Looks like you did a great job! I’m loving the chocolate dipped peeps!

    1. She totally MUST have tutus! They are fantastic! You’re getting SO close!

      I also forgot all about the basket except for 2 movies that I bought the night before. So I ended up just grabbing stuff from our art closet and she had no idea, ha! We’re in trouble when they get old enough to know we should be more on our toes!

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