31 Weeks

I realized today that I haven’t blogged about this pregnancy (or anything else for that matter) except for to let you know she exists. Poor kid is already getting that “I’m the 3rd kid” treatment and she hasn’t even made her arrival yet!

I’m 31 weeks pregnant today so of course I should take a self portrait in the guest bathroom mirror, right? This makes for a whopping 3 photos of my belly this go ’round.


It’s getting BIG and it’s definitely impeding daily activities such as leaning forward and tying ones shoes. Guess I should’ve taught the girls how to do that so they could tie them for me? Whoops! I’m more of a buy shoes I don’t have to assist them with (such as velcro and slip ons) kind of Mom anyways. I don’t see that changing any time soon!

The baby moves like crazy, especially at night. I’m guessing that’s just a sign of fun things to come our way. Clearly the time to party is when Mom & Dad are trying to sleep. She’s super strong and I don’t remember either of the girls moving like she does. She’s taken my breath away quite a few times with some of her jabs and kicks. Last night she shook my entire body which shook our entire bed. It wasn’t the first time she’d done that but it was the first time Andy could feel it from his side of the bed. She’s something else!

I’ve also entered the super fun phase where I am starving but I can only eat half of what I would normally eat. Guess that will be good for minimizing third trimester weight gain! Heartburn has returned as well, although I think that may be due to the Diet Dr. Pepper I’ve been drinking lately. I’m pretty sure that’s the culprit, which makes me sad because it was my guilty pleasure. Even my one per day seems to be too much. I can deal, it’s only 9 more weeks. Only 9 more weeks (yikes!).

And speaking of 9 more weeks, I guess I should start actually preparing for this baby to arrive. It’s so funny how things change from kid to kid. With Maddie I had her nursery painted and set up and everything washed and ready to go months (maybe 3 or 4?) in advance. The carseat was purchased at least 4 months ahead and was installed 4-5 weeks prior to her delivery. I remember feeling so prepared for her to come any day. Of course she arrived on her due date and not a minute earlier. And no amount of washing or organizing prepared us for being first time parents.

With Ellorie we didn’t need a new carseat since we still had Maddie’s and the house was under major construction so there was really no actual room to prepare for her. We at least set up the pack n play in our bedroom and washed her clothes, put the carseat in, etc. well in advance of her arrival. We had a plan for who would care for Maddie while we were in the hospital and it all went pretty smoothly. A huge difference from our first experience.

This poor baby has gotten none of that. I’ve bought a few things for her room (lampshade, changing pad cover) and I finally ordered a new carseat this weekend. That’s about it, though. I doubt we’ll install the carseat until the very last minute as we’ll be enjoying the extra room in the car. She doesn’t have a crib since Ellorie has refused to give that up, which I’m fine with. She sleeps really well and a confined 2 year old is far easier to deal with at bedtime than one who has free reign of the house. The baby can sleep in a pack n play for a while and if Ellorie still doesn’t want to give up the crib we can buy another one. Who knows, maybe I’ll break down and buy a new one before she comes or maybe the crib fairy will bring us one? She exists right?

I’ve been way more focused on all of the non-baby things that need to be accomplished prior to this baby’s arrival. Maybe because I know I’ll be able to do nothing aside from feed her and entertain my two older girls once she’s here? Mama needs to not be a crazy person so that’s probably a good plan. So we are doing our best to knock out as much of our to-do list as possible before she comes.

I redecorated the living room, dining room and our bedroom. I basically rearranged all of our furniture because that’s what you’re supposed to do while pregnant, right? And I didn’t bother to take pictures or to tell you. I’ll get on that soon, though, I promise!

We still haven’t tiled the backsplash in the kitchen, built our open shelves or put up our light but we are a little closer to accomplishing that goal. I found this tile at Home Depot in Richmond while shopping with Mrs. 5C and it was love at first site. AND it was a $1 cheaper per square foot than Lowes. Woot woot!


We had planned to drive over to Waynesboro to pick some up this afternoon but they didn’t have enough in stock so we’re just going to order online. I plan to order extra in the event that some arrive broken and we’ll just return what we don’t use. I still can’t believe it was so cheap. I can’t wait for it to arrive and to get it up on the wall! My Ballard light is still in the box in our closet (going on two years now) and I can’t wait to put that up as well. And by “I can’t wait to put that up” I mean I can’t wait for Andy to put that up because clearly I am not climbing a ladder and installing a light fixture and tile at 31 weeks pregnant 😉 I learned my lesson after rearranging all of our furniture and having to sit down for two days with all sorts of ligament pain and contractions. I will behave. I will behave.

We have also begun the process of building our garage with the removal of the two huge trees to the left of our house. Luckily, it was completed prior to this huge snow storm and we didn’t have to worry around the large dead branches dropping on our house under the weight of the heavy wet snow. Next up the gas tank needs to be moved as well as some utility lines and then they can pour the foundation. All in the plan for the next few weeks hopefully.

We’ve got lots more to do and lots more on our list so hopefully we can knock out at least the most important things in the 9 weeks before she arrives and turns our world upside down. Wishful thinking, maybe. Crossing my fingers!

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  1. eeeee!!! You look so pretty!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what your fabulous new tile looks like on the wall! I’m hoping for the most productive 9 weeks ever for you. 🙂 🙂

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