Goodbye Pacis!

Doing a few updates on the blog this week, I came across this post that I clearly started writing a few months ago. I figured I’d go ahead and finish it and share it with you even though it feels like this was forever ago…

Maddie used a paci for a whopping 6 months and then decided (completely on her own) to give it up. It wasn’t my choice but it did require absolutely no effort on my part and she did about as well after giving it up as she had done before with it. It was never really that important to her.

Ellorie, on the other hand, was a paci addict for 2 years. If we had let her she would have spent her entire day with one popped in her mouth. I wasn’t up for dealing with what that brings so we banished them from daytime use around 12 months (maybe sooner, I don’t fully remember) and let her have one (or five…) for sleep and sometimes for emergencies in the car (like Mommy is stuck in traffic and she’s screaming at me for an hour).


I’m not one to succumb to all of the “you should’s” when it comes to parenting and I was totally fine with letting her have a paci for nap and bedtime. She had 5 or 6 of them in her crib in the event that any should fall out and she accepted the fact that the crib was the only place she was going to get them. She was a great sleeper and that wasn’t something we wanted to change. Pacis made our lives easier and I was all for anything that did that (still am!).

But all good things must come to an end eventually. We decided that since we were having a new baby and she and Maddie would be sharing a room we should get a head start on some of the upcoming transitions (giving up pacis, sharing a room, big girl bed, etc.) while we were baby free and still getting a full nights sleep.

At 2 years old, given the option to sleep in a big girl bed in Maddie’s room, Ellorie happily threw away all of her pacis one night. I really wasn’t expecting her to since I had been asking her for days was she ready to throw them away and she kept adamantly telling me no, no, no. Apparently the chance to sleep in Maddie’s room was all the motivation she needed to chuck them right into the trash. Great. Being the germaphobe that I am there was no turning back at this point. Once they hit the trash can those pacis were gone. Great. Andy and I instantly started exchanging looks and saying to each other, “What just happened???”

She didn’t sleep in Maddie’s room that night, much to Maddie’s disappointment. But to our surprise she did sleep in her crib in her own room without too much protest. She woke up a few times each night for about a week or two and had to be told to lay back down and go to sleep. That was really the worst of it. We literally went upstairs and told her “go back to sleep” and she said “okayyyy” and would lay right down and go back to sleep. It was a little ridiculous. We eventually got fed up with that game and turned the monitor off and let her cry herself to sleep.

It’s been a few months now and pacis are not something we even think about. I know that when we were going through it we kept asking ourselves “was it really that big of a deal to just let her keep them?” and thinking “what did we do??”. It wasn’t the easiest transition in the world but it also wasn’t the worst and it was over pretty quickly in the grand scheme of things. It just didn’t feel that way in the thick of it. Although anything that causes you to lose sleep never seems to end quickly.

I probably will give the next baby a paci if she’ll take it. It made my life SO much easier for such a long time with Ellorie and I would say it was definitely worth going through a week or two of getting up for the two years of (mostly) peace it brought us.

Did you use pacis with your kids? What worked for you when it came time to give them up? I’d love to hear!

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